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Artisan Foods

The wonder of what is available in Nelson continues to amaze.  Great soils and a beautiful climate mean fantastic growing conditions for a wide variety of farming and horticulture:  Apples and pears, kiwifruit and feijoa, blackcurrants, hops, oranges and lemons, olives, boysenberries and strawberries, all grow well with the perfect (most of the time!) mix of sunshine, heat, frost and rain; The bush and forest land that surrounds the area provides a unique and pure environment for bees to harvest nectar and create stunning honeys; we even bottle the glacial waters from aquifers beneath our feet. Welcoming newcomers from all around the world sees artisans bringing their culinary and creative skills from many countries, creating treats from many different cultures to share with us:  South African dried meats from Nyama; Swiss dried mushrooms from Neudorf Mushrooms; Chocolates from our own resident Spiritual Chocolatier; South American chocolate from Hogarth; English Chips from Proper Crisps; Olive Oil from Tasman Bay; Japanese Miso from Urban Hippie.   Taste and discover what Nelson has to offer at KETE.