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Aren't bees amazing?  Not only do they pollinate other flowering and fruiting foods for us, but they also produce the only natural food that doesn't spoil! - nature's own delicious sweetener - honey.  The queens rule the hives, but it's Manuka Honey that is king for us.  Different honeys can vary enormously depending on the pollens collected by the bees, from light, floral and aromatic to dark, hearty toffee flavours.  Our honeys are collected from hives all over the Top of the South, with it's wide swathes of native bush and forest.  Choose from our wide variety of honeys, including the certified Nelson Honey range for which we're delighted to be an authorised resellers for NZ.  You'll also find Mountain Valley Honey from the lovely Elwoods - their table Manuka, Native Bush, and Rata with Kamahi honeys are also available in the ever so popular 1kg jars.